When the Chips are Down

American culture does not like sick, or “in need.”

When something like Hurricane Harvey hits, one of the first news articles is about the stock market’s possible response. Let that sink in for a moment.

We have no time for illness or people that need help. While there are compassionate members, we are a compassionless society.

And this little fact, this small-until-it’s not notion, is perceived by all of us, either subconsciously or consciously. And rightfully, we are insecure about it. Somewhere inside, we know that sickness, old age–anything that keeps us from producing and appearing well–are classifications that are only just barely tolerated.

Even relatively well off Americans are one cancer diagnosis away from financial ruin, and nobody likes you when your chips are down.

America only has use for you when you’re well. Otherwise, best of luck to you.


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