Elfa Closet Review

Those of you who have purchased an old house know the plight: a serious lack of closet space. The configuration of our home, when we bought it, was 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (on the first floor). After claiming one of those bedrooms to add a bathroom, we were left with 3 bedrooms and very limited closet storage.

Since only two people (three if you count the rather humanlike Yorkie) live in our house, the plan was always to use one bedroom as a dressing room. That way, we would still have a guest bedroom and the ability to use the downstairs spare room as an office.

Materials delivered, pre-installation.


To make a long story short, we did some research and selected Elfa closets through The Container Store to fashion the space. As you’ll see from the pictures, the room is an old cape style, with no dormers and some complex architecture.

There was an existing closet, from which we removed the old accordion doors (for now).

There are also two eave spaces for storage with an open door frame. Due to the tough angles for the walls, the designer of the initial plan (I visited in-store, initially) took a few days to deliberate on what to do for the space. I wasn’t feeling particularly confident at this point, but was looking forward to seeing what she came up with.

After we received the plans, we worked with her to adjust a few small things, such as adding drawers and one shelf. We also confirmed the “Platinum” wire option. (The Container Store offers white and “platinum,” which is a dark grey, and, in my opinion, has a little more of a higher-end feel.)

From the plans, everything looked good, and with the 30% off sale going on at The Container Store, we decided to pull the trigger. The next three photos are “After” photos, taken right after installation:

Our installers were great, and even made a few small tweaks to the plan in order to make the pieces fit the space best. They were personable, taking an interest in our renovation and getting to know us. They really did an excellent job and I was even more pleased than I thought.

Overall, Elfa, so far, is a lifesaver for us. It has allowed us to fit all of our clothes — even off season clothes — in the system, so we don’t have to keep anything stored away for winter/summer.

Do any of you have experience with Elfa? How has it held up over the long term? Have you switched around the pieces on the tracks?

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